Unique Products for the Gas Distribution Engineer

Since 1980 PLCS, LLC. has supplied the N. and S. American natural gas distribution industry with systems for sealing gas leaks, lightweight gas-free tapping machines, equipment for installing PE pipes and many other invaluable products.

Gas Distribution Leak Repair

Coil Pipe Trailer

Gas Free Applications

Keyhole Technology

Gas Flow Stopping

Gas Leak Repair
  • Encapsulation
  • Anaerobic Sealants
  • Internal Joint Repair
Coil Pipe Trailer
  • PE / HDPE
  • Handles Large Coils
  • Re-Rounder
Gas Applications
  • Gas Free Hot Tapping
Main Repair
  • Encapsulation
  • Tapping
  • Small Hole Tools
Main Repair
  • Gas Free Bagging Off
  • Sensor Bags
  • Flowstop Bags

Trenchless Technology

Water Removal

PE Products

Unique Tooling

Pipeline Integrity

Main Repair
  • Live Main Insertion
  • Pushing Machines
  • No Dig Applications
Main Repair
  • Main Water Removal
  • Service Water Removal
  • Pneumatic Water Pump
Main Repair
  • PE Pipe Pullers
  • PE Test Ends
  • PE Damage Indicator
  • Pushing Machines
Main Repair
  • Safe-T-Stopper
  • Service Terminator
  • Vogt Turbo Spade
  • Bar Hole Seal
  • Window Cutter
  • Seize Free Drill Bits
  • Air-Spade
  • Meter Valve Changer
  • Pipe Cracker
Main Repair
  • Coupling Restraint System
  • Prevents coupling pull-out